Saturday, 30 April 2011


This work was created as part of a group exhibition in the Oriel Henry Thomas Gallary. The idea was to bring two old objects, swap one with another artist and create a sculptural response to the objects you obtained. The two final objects I had were a mobile phone and a small carriage clock.

My response to these two mechanical objects was to try and juxtapose the technological aspect of the items by creating something organic in nature. After deconstructing the objects I found that the combination of pieces laid out before me lent themselves to an insectoid type creature.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Shades of Death

The work is a response to the diffrent emotions people experience during the death of someone close to them. Done in a monochromatic style from black to white revealing the image of a skull, this also shows the passage from grief to acceptance after the passing of a person.

This piece is done in Acrylic on Canvas

Monday, 25 April 2011

Victory Over Mortality

This work represents my first tattoo based sculpture, in tattoo culture the skull is a symbol of mortality and death as this was my first major work in cast metals it represents my accomplishments. This piece was a make it or break it scenario. To represent this it is a solid cast which is unusual in a piece this size as it is technically challanging to produce, the overall wieght is quite substantial and helps to emphasis the gravitas of the accomplishment.

The piece is made from cast iron and wieghs around 4 stone and is polished to a rough shine with the scorch marks left in the resess to emphasis the details.

The Death of High Society

This piece was painted as a response to the fact that High Art and High Society is dying out and that more artist will make money in todays economical climate by doing more commercial and easily accessible art, such as graphic design or web design than by doing high art such as sculpture and painting.

The work is done in acrylic paint on a wooden pallete. The cheapness and industrial aspect of the materials really help to convay the message alongside the painted image of the skull and classicly dressed lady.

El Día Del Hierro De Los Muertos

This work was poured close to the date of the Day of the Dead festival in mexico.Like the festival  the piece commerates all the people I have lost and left behind to get to where I am today.

The work is an iron cast plate with an embossed sugar skull design, paternated with rust to make the detail more prominant and also to show that like people this work might not last .