Monday, 23 May 2011

A Sailors Grave

This is my second tattoo based sculpture resently completed. 'A Sailors Grave' is made from a rusted steel lanrten with a resin caste cylinder inside containing a shark and an old divers helmet. in tradtional tattooing it was common for sailors to have sharks tattooed on them to ward off getting eaten by them if the fell into the sea.

Art Is Life

This piece was created for the British Art Medal Society Compition in 2010.

 This medal was made to show how art still has an effect in life. Before the 19th century, artists had a big effect on society, but now artists are not as recognised with most people thinking that modern art is a waste of time. but one place were art is still having an impact is tattooing. Western and Asian cultures are being joined by this form of Art. once two seperate forms and styles are now being brought together. To depict this, I have taken two iconic images from both of these cultures.

The 'Eagle' to show the Western culture and a 'Dragon' to show the Eastern culture, with cherry blossoms linking both sides. Tattoo's make people into walking gallaries, show casing artists and different art from around the world, often showing several types of art aswell. They also show memories and events personal to the individual, this message is put across by the quote from one of the worlds most influencial tattoo artists Ed Hardy who is an American tattooist that also studied in Asia.

'Tattoo's are the art of the moment'