Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Celebrar Sus Vidas

This piece commemorates the lives of my two grandfathers. The first death I ever experienced was that of one of my grandfathers, it has stayed with me till now and is something I will always remember. But for me, I have always hated funerals, the depressing nature of them I think the "Day of the Dead" celebrations in Mexico are a much better way to deal with people passing then the way things are done here. Be happy and remember their lives not mourn their passing. That's how I remember them and how I want to be remembered, by how I lived not how I died.

The two skulls represent the two grandfathers, one beat up and older looking but more colourful. This represents the first of my grandfathers to pass and is colourful because I think he lived a more colourful life, fighting in the military and travelling around the world. The second skull is more complete and has designs in just black this represents his much more mundane life but still a person just as fondly remembered.

I hope that some day i can live a life that leaves people remembering me just as fondly as these to men.

The piece was done using anatomical skulls and marker pen.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Kyffin Williams Drawing Prize 2012 Entries

Kyffin Williams Drawing Prize

Hannya Study

Modern Mother Nature

As I'am Now, So You Shall Be.

These are my three entries for the 2012 "Kyffin Williams Drawing Prize". They are all based on my interest in tattooing, I think this drawing competition is a great way to push tattoo art into the fine art world.

The three images are done using Ink, Pen, Watercolours, Marker Pen and Fine Line Pens on Watercolour paper and mounted in frames.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sleeping Giant

Detail: Sleeping Giant

"Sleeping Giants is a small Mixed Media piece, a skeleton in the fetal position which looks to be asleep, that makes a comment due to its interaction in the gallery space. Placed on a over sized plinth that comes up to approximately chest height, you as the view are forced to look at this intricate piece as the giant. thus insisting that we the viewers are sleeping giants, living life in the mundane happy to just exist rather than really live.